Nutrition and Breeding of the German Shepherd

Хранене и отглеждане на Немската Овчарка - храна Happy Dog Proper feeding and physical training are very important issue in every Kennel D’elite. The professional experience I gained throughout the years is used in the breeding of our German Shepherd Dogs. It is necessary to chose high grade food and conduct daily balanced walking and training. The appropriate food is the one that fits the dog and the tasks appointed Humans look well when they are on a healthy and balanced diet – same applies for your pet dog. I use granules of the German brand HAPPY DOG.

German Sieger Show 2011 Nurnberg Social behavior of your pet dog is also a very important issue a puppy should be cared and looked after with passion and devotion. The place your puppy is growing at is also very important – it should be dry and not exposed to direct sunlight Hygiene is a prerequisite for a healthy growth. If a dog is living in the open air it is better for the dog and you to place a dog pen that meets the standard requirements. Company LUB AND SONS for metal construction and products made tailored pens for my German Shepherd Dogs.

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